Diabetic Foot Treatment in Sterling Heights, MI

Foot ulcers can be painful and debilitating, but when you are a diabetic, they can become an even greater concern. The good news is there is help for diabetic foot ulcer conditions at the Basch Foot Care Center. We offer a comprehensive diabetic foot care treatment plan that is focused on the maintenance of foot health. Diabetic foot conditions are only complicated by the disease and demand medical attention and professional care.

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Providing Diabetic Foot Care Treatment Options

Patients at Basch Foot Care Center have the benefit of a staff offering many years of medical expertise in addition to many effective treatment options. We treat and offer medical consultation and services for ulcer care, diabetic shoe guidance, and concerns for neuropathy, along with other medical foot and ankle issues.

If you are a diabetic, and you have or are currently dealing with foot issues, then it is important to seek professional help for relief and treatment.

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Safe Effective Laser Treatment

Here are a few guidelines that can help make life easier on your feet and your condition:

  • Avoid smoking, as it reduces blood flow to your feet
  • Buy comfortable shoes that are not too tight or too loose
  • Wear clean, dry socks and change them everyday
  • Never walk barefoot to protect your feet from harmful objects

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Better Life For Your Feet

If you have diabetic foot issues like a diabetic foot ulcer or other concerns, the Basch Foot Care Center can help make life better for you and your feet. Any foot ulcer should be treated and cared for properly, and for those with diabetes, experienced quality medical care and treatment are a necessity.

Professional Medical Foot Care and Treatment

Welcome to Basch Foot Care Center. We offer podiatry services to Sterling Heights and the surrounding area, in addition to more than three decades of experience and cutting-edge technology like laser surgery. If you are suffering from diabetic foot issues or are looking for a foot and ankle doctor, let the team at Basch Foot Care Center help. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your foot appointment today.

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